Candidate registration

Welcome to the HUCAMA Factors Self-Registration!

In order to complete HUCAMA Factors, you need to register. An invitation will be sent to your email address (please check Spam/Junk folder if you cannot find the invitation email) giving you access to the following questionnaires: 

1. Personality Factors (240 questions) - approximately 30 minutes

2. Competency Factors (48 statements) - approximately 6 minutes

Furthermore, please nominate at least 1 individual who can provide feedback on your work approach (48 statements - approximately 6 minutes). Inform them in advance if possible so that they can look out for the invitation email.

A Personality Factors report covering 8 personality factors and 48 facets will be issued free-of-charge. For participants who received at least 2 Reviewer  Feedbacks a Competency Factors report can be issued.   

Kind regards,